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Medieval Trail

Using the SiteLines on-line database design your own medieval trail and leaflet.

This project allows pupils to design a trail using evidence from the medieval period. Newcastle provides a unique opportunity as there are a number of remaining medieval sites in the city centre area. It may also be possible to design a trail in your local area within Tyne and Wear.

This is a project is aimed at Key Stage 3 and incorporates History, English, ICT and Geography elements of the National Curriculum.

Four downloadable lesson plans provide a clear process on how to research for medieval evidence in the region using the SiteLines database (for instructions on using the database see How to Search HER). Pupils’ research will allow them to devise a medieval trail for either Newcastle or your local area. An accompanying leaflet is then to be designed by pupils to go together with the trail.

The downloadable material includes:

  • 4 one hour lesson plans
  • Medieval History Sheet of Newcastle
  • Worksheets
  • Medieval Crossword

During these lessons map resources will be required. A map resource is available on the SiteLines database which can be printed off by the pupils. See How to Search HER for more details.