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Trail of the Newcastle Knight

The Trail of the Newcastle Knight is an exercise designed to highlight some of the unique medieval sites contained within Newcastle upon Tyne and to feature the buildings that reflect the lives of the everyday people who lived at that time.

The trail allows pupils to research into medieval Newcastle through the SiteLines searchable database. This provides a project that covers National Curriculum requirements for both ICT and History at Key Stage 3.

The Trail of the Newcastle Knight was successfully piloted in the summer of 2004 with Year 7 of Wellfield Middle School.

A pre-visit lesson (approximately one hour) allows pupils working in groups to research one of six/eight medieval sites in Newcastle through the use of the SiteLines database (for instructions on using the database see How to Search HER). The trail allows the pupils to present their findings to the class at the medieval site about which they have researched. This can be presented through any medium decided upon by the teacher or pupils.

The Trail Day is a Teacher led trail. Information and maps are provided to allow the teacher to lead the group.

The teacher has a choice of two routes, with Route 2 using fewer sites.

  • Route 1: Approx 1-1½ hours long
  • Route 2: Approx 1 hour long

Your choice may be dependant upon the time you have available or the size of your class.

A Hazard Identification sheet has been produced for use on both routes to assist in the writing of Risk Assessments. Teachers should follow DfES guidelines and write their own Risk Assessments. Please remember that the competence and behaviour and any special needs of your pupils should be taken into consideration when planning supervision and activities.

Find out more about the Pre-Visit Lesson and Trail Day.