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Newcastle, Nuns Moor



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site

Common Land



Documentary Evidence

A clue to the location of the Nuns Moor is in a document of 1519 when it was described as lying in the township of KENTON, adjoining Castell (Town) Moor. In 1489 it had been said to lie at the extreme north-west corner of the present Moor. Its corners had been marked with 4 white crosses. The date at which St. Bartholomew's nunnery acquired this ground is not yet known. In 1489 it was let to the town. It was granted at the Dissolution to John Broxholme from whom it passed to Robert Brandling of Newcastle. He continued to let it to the town who apparently bought the Moor from Charles Brandling in 1653, though argument about their title continued for some time thereafter. It is now indistinguishable from the Town Moor.




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