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How to Search

If you wish to search through the SiteLines Historic Environment Record (HER) for Tyne and Wear please follow these simple instructions to find what you are looking for.

Fast Search

A quick entry option which allows you to do the following:

General Text Search: put in some key words and the search will scan for these words in each record on the HER e.g. Newcastle roman coin or Medieval church Monkwearmouth.

HER Number: If you already know the HER number then input it here and the record details will be pulled up.

District: See what records are held for each district.

School Topics: See related items to subjects such as Civil War or Industrial Revolution. (we will be adding more subjects at a later date)

Please note that each field in the fast search works independently of the others. If you want to restrict / filter searches e.g. by place, district, site type etc then please use the advanced search where the search fields work together.

Advanced Search

On the SiteLines navigation bar click search.

A series of fields allows you to comprehensively search the records of the HER. If you already know the HER number this can be typed into the ‘HER NUMBER’ field to locate the requested records.

The fields allow you to narrow down the number of possible records if you are starting from a blank search. Many of these fields have a number of choices to help narrow your search. These can be seen by clicking on the downward arrow in the boxes. 
For example if you wished to simply locate all the records for your town, then locate that name (Newcastle for example) on the list for ‘PLACE’. By clicking on ‘Start Search’ at the bottom of the page you will able to see all of the records for your area. However this may reveal a long list of possibilities. It may be advantageous to refine the search.

The search can be narrowed depending on the type of location you are searching for. For example looking for medieval churches in Newcastle would simply involve clicking on the ‘Medieval’ option in the ‘PERIOD’ field and the option for ‘Church’ in the ‘SITE TYPE’ field.    
Clicking on the ‘Start Search’ at the bottom of the page will reveal a list of results which match your request.   
By clicking on the underlined number on the left you will reveal the full record for that site from the HER database.   

The Map Resource

At the top of the detailed record from the HER database you will find map options:

View current map and aerial photography - Allows you to see the location of the researched site and overlay aerial recent aerial photography.

View old maps from - Allows you to see the area surrounding the researched site on historical maps. This site is run externally and we cannot be held responsible for the content.