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Newcastle, Town Moor Golf Course & Newcastle United Golf Club




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The 1870 Town Moor Improvement Act set aside part of the Town Moor for recreation. Golf was played informally on the recreation ground (later to be called Exhibition Park) which was also used by cricketers and footballers. In 1891 a group of gentlemen golfers petitioned the Freemen and town council to provide an alternative area. In October 1891 The City of Newcastle Golf Club was formed. They paid ten guineas a year for the site. The 18 hole course was designed by Tom Morris Senior of St. Andrew's. The Town Moor golf course was officially opened on 21 September 1892. The greens had to be fenced off to keep out the grazing cattle. The clubhouse of the newly formed City of Newcastle Golf Club was Chimney Mill on Claremont Road (HER 4319). The club converted the mill into their clubhouse and added a rooftop observation gallery costing £1500. The club president was John William Pease, a Quaker banker. The pediment above the door still reads 'GOLF CLUB'. In June 1892 the Newcastle United Workmen's Golf Club was set up and shared the course. In 1898 130 members of the City of Newcastle Club broke away and set up the Northumberland Golf Club. In 1907 the remainder formed the Gosforth Golf Club. The Newcastle United Golf Club bought the clubhouse for a token £13. Roadworks split the clubhouse from the golf course in 1973. A new Newcastle United course was opened on Nun's Moor to the west and remains in use.




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