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Tyne and Wear HER(4142): Jesmond, Jesmond Vale Flint Mill - Details

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Jesmond, Jesmond Vale Flint Mill




Crushing Mill

Flint Mill

Early Modern


Ruined Building

This was originally a flint mill, although in the 1880s it was used by Stephen Renoldson and his two sons to grind flour. The "Washing Tubs" were a series of wooden troughs used to carry water from the burn to the dam connected with the Flint Mill. The first standing engine made by George Stephenson after he commenced business for himself, was erected in this old flint mill. It is shown as "Mr Reay's Flint Mill" on a fine watercolour of 1827 by J W Carmichael. The millrace ran from Greenwater Pool to the mill, then to Ouseburn Leadworks (HER 4144) and into the Ouseburn. The 2nd edition Ordnance Survey Plan shows long head and tail races, associated with the mill itself. Only the southern part of the tail race is marked on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey Plan.




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