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Tyne and Wear HER(5211): Newcastle, Horatio St, Blenkinsopp-Coulson Drinking Fountain - Details

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Newcastle, Horatio St, Blenkinsopp-Coulson Drinking Fountain



Water Supply and Drainage


Drinking Fountain




Drinking fountain and portrait bust. 1914; signed Alexis Rudier and bust dated 1912. Sandstone, pink granite and bronze. Wide stone base; granite plinth and basins; sandstone pedestal with long inscription commemorating W.L. Blenkinsopp Coulson and his efforts to help the weak and defenceless 'among mankind and in the animal world'. Larger-than-life bust has drapery wrapping round pedestal. Has two fountain bowls - one for humans, one for animals. The fountain originally stood in Percy Street before being moved to the Haymarket then in 1950 to its present site. Statue to William Lisle Blenkinsopp-Coulson 1841-1911. Erected by public subscription. Bronze bust by A. Rechbers and cast by Alexis Rudier, Paris, surmounts a sandstone pedestal. There are two new rather crudely carved animal heads. The originals will have faucets discharging from the mouths of the beasts. There is now no water supply. LISTED GRADE 2




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