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Tyne and Wear HER(5891): Newcastle, Nuns Moor Park, Prisoner of War Camp - Details

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Newcastle, Nuns Moor Park, Prisoner of War Camp




Military Camp

Prisoner of War Camp



Documentary Evidence

Situated on the green to the north of Studley Terrace, occupying the eastern half of Nunsmoor Park. It consisted of a number of parallel accomodation blocks and other large buildings. Can be seen on 1947 aerial photographs. The occupants were Italian prisoners of war. The camp had a low level of security. Prisoners were let out to do work around the town such as road sweeping and postal delivery. The camp seems to have been defended by several trenches to the west. These are still visible as low earthwork ditches or parchmarks, and are visible on 1947 aerial photographs. All exhibit the same configuration of short angled lengths in a zig-zag (similar patterns can be seen in practice trenches on the Salisbury Plain training area and elsewhere). The camp was demolished in 1959.




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